Learn and apply best practices in innovation Identify opportunities for new products, services, markets Create a plan tailored to your business Self-paced lessons, assignments, discussion, quizzes; 2 custom Ideation sessions. Certification.


By enrolling in this course, you will walk away with:

  • A way to reduce complexity and risk while utilizing your core skills and operations throughout the realization process

  • An assessment of your current state and including capabilities and resources that can be leveraged

  • Create new capabilities with what you already have

  • Uncover opportunities for new products, services, and markets

  • Track plan progress

  • Course is instructor led and involves instructor interaction and feedback

  • Certificate of Completion

Course Outline

“If you invest in yourself it pays the best interest.”

  • 1

    Innovation Master Class Pro: Introduction

    • Program Overview

    • Journey Map Exercise

    • What is Innovation?

    • Innovation Approaches

    • Innovation Trends

    • Introduction to FIRE

    • Innovation Canvas Review

    • Introduction Take-Aways Review

    • Introduction Quiz

  • 2

    Innovation Master Class Pro: Introspection

    • Introspection Overview

    • Segment and Reward Analysis

    • Segment Exercise

    • Customer Persona Exercise

    • Reward Exercise

    • Opportunity Analysis

    • Point of View Exercise

    • Customer Value Analysis

    • Point of View Customer Analysis Exercise

    • X for Y Statement Exercise

    • Introspection Take-Aways

    • Introspection Review Exercise

    • Introspection Quiz

  • 3

    Innovation Master Class Pro: Ideation

    • Ideation Overview

    • Solution and Process Analysis

    • Solution Analysis Exercise

    • Process Analysis Exercise

    • Horizon Planning and Innovation Enablers

    • Horizon Planning Exercise

    • Enablers Exercise

    • Ideation Take-Aways

    • Ideation Review Exercise

    • Ideation Take-Aways Review

    • Ideation Quiz

  • 4

    Innovation Master Class Pro: Implementation

    • Implementation Overview

    • Prototype Analysis

    • Prototype Analysis Exercise

    • Test Plan Exercise

    • Roadmap Development and Risk Analysis

    • Roadmap Exercise

    • Risk Analysis Exercise

    • Appraisal

    • Implementation Take-Aways

    • Implementation Take-Aways Review

    • Implementation Review Exercise

    • Implementation Quiz

  • 5

    Innovation Master Class Pro: Wrap Up

    • Next Steps

    • Next Steps Exercise

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“If you invest in yourself it pays the best interest.” -Anonymous

This is different from other courses which give a high level overview on what's possible. With this course you are in the game applying the learnings at your pace, on your schedule, with your team.

Watch as Business Transformation Executive, Heidi Hattendorf gives a brief overview of the course.

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Heidi Hattendorf is the Senior Director, Product Marketing at ArisGlobal, SaaS platform solution provider, where she leads the Product Marketing function globally. Heidi is an innovative and strategic business executive with expertise in business development, digital transformation and GoToMarket strategies to drive growth. Heidi led teams internationally at Motorola working with top tier customers, influencing the product roadmap and driving transformation results. She built and led the telecom & media industry practice for a growth company in the AI & automation space. Heidi has a BS-Business/Marketing, MBA and certificate in Digital Transformation. She worked abroad in Europe for 11 years, holds two patents, and was recognized as one of the top 40 women in Innovation by Front End of Innovation, and top 100 business leaders by MBA Magazine. Heidi is passionate about connecting the market to technology solutions that change lives and get results.



Matt Liotine

Matt Liotine, Ph.D. is Vice President of BLR Research, a management consulting firm, where he specializes in strategic advising and coaching in the areas of supply chain, operations management, data analytics and innovation. He is also Professor of Information & Decision Sciences at the Liautaud College of Business Administration of the University of Illinois at Chicago. There, he is the Director of Graduate Studies in Supply Chain & Operations Management. With over 30 years of industry experience, he has advised, coached, and trained thousands of industry professionals from across the globe. He holds several professional certifications, including Sigma Master Black Belt. He is the recipient of numerous industry and academic awards and holds a Ph.D. in Engineering and Operations Research from Princeton University. He is the co-author of a new book entitled Technology in Supply Chain Management and Logistics: Current Practice and Future Applications published by Elsevier.

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“If you invest in yourself it pays the best interest.” - Anonymous

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